GE Microwave Assy-Control Panel Genuine OEM WB56X10826

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WB56X10826 GE Microwave Assy-Control Panel Genuine OEM

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GE / WB56X10826


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Features & Highlights


·This assembly includes the touch pad and the cover only

·Genuine Replacement Part

·This part has changed over the years; this one was manufactured on 2017-12-26

·Cross Reference: >AP4358580, 1474869, AH2322068, EA2322068, PS2322068

Fits the following appliance models: Fits the Following Appliance Models JNM1541DN1BB JNM1541DN1CC JNM1541DN1WW JNM1541DN2BB JNM1541DN2CC JNM1541DN2WW JNM1541DP1BB JNM1541DP1BB JNM1541DP1CC JNM1541DP1CC JNM1541DP1WW JNM1541DP1WW JNM1541DP2BB JNM1541DP2CC JNM1541DP2WW JNM1541LP1CS JNM1541LP1CS JNM1541LP2CS JNM1541SN1SS JNM1541SN2SS JNM1541SP1SS JNM1541SP1SS JNM1541SP2SS JVM1540DP1BB JVM1540DP1BB JVM1540DP1BB JVM1540DP1BB JVM1540DP1CC JVM1540DP1CC JVM1540DP1CC JVM1540DP1CC JVM1540DP1WW JVM1540DP1WW JVM1540DP1WW JVM1540DP1WW JVM1540DP2BB JVM1540DP2CC JVM1540DP2WW JVM1540LN1CS JVM1540LN2CS JVM1540LP1CS JVM1540LP1CS JVM1540LP1CS JVM1540LP1CS JVM1540LP2CS JVM1540SN1SS JVM1540SN1SS JVM1540SN2SS JVM1540SP1SS JVM1540SP1SS JVM1540SP1SS JVM1540SP1SS JVM1540SP2SS